Tuesday 10 July 2012

Nr 45 Beer, Beer and Beer ... Õllesummer

Ticket for 1 day 15 euro
Ticket for 4 days 35 euro
Pensioner 9 euro
Children 9 euro

Other side of Laulukaar/ Arc of the song.

Real Shashlik = kebab= grillspett

Ball for play/to run/to go inside

equivoke ;-)

Price list: meat +additives 5 euro
Noodles/rice with vegetables 3 euro
Beer/cider/gin 2,5 euro
Cola/Fanta/Sprite 1,5 euro
Water (sparkling/still) 1,5 euro

man don´t need to wait (on the white)...

Fresh garlic bread
do not stare,come near

Small part of the assortment

Photographer on the roof


small part of venue 

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