Saturday 26 November 2016

Nr 309 Baking Soda and Castor Oil...

These are some of the most important uses of castor oil and baking soda:

    • Castor oil coatings applied on the neck efficiently treat chronic hoarseness and vocal cord nodules
    • The oral use of 6-8 drops of castor oil for 4 months completely cures tinnitus
    • Drip a couple drops of castor oil in your ear to enhance your hearing
    • Castor oil removes pilonidal cysts
    • Massage with castor oil can reduce and prevent the appearance of stretch marks
    • Mix baking soda with castor oil to remove the dark spots on the face
    • Castor oil compress quickly treats injured ankles
    • Castor oil effectively treats cataracts. All you need to do is to drip a drop of castor oil in the eyes before going to sleep at night
    • Consume 5 drops of castor oil daily to prevent allergies
    • Castor oil coating can significantly ease the pain in the back
    • The regular massage with castor oil removes calcium deposits on the soles
    • You should rub some castor oil on the eyelids before bedtime to treat ocular allergies
    • Apply castor oil directly to treat mouth sores
    • Massage the scalp with castor oil on a daily basis to stimulate the growth of 
    • your hair
    • Rub castor oil on warts for 30 days to remove them completely
    • Apply castor oil coating on the stomach to reduce hyperactivity
    • It relieves topical skin injuries like cuts, burns, bruises
    • Apply castor oil topically on bug bites to relieve the swelling and itching
    • The coatings of castor oil treat diarrhea
    • Treat fungal infections like athlete’s foot with the application of castor oil coatings on the feet
    • It effectively treats hepatitis
    • Castor oil coatings on the stomach can stop the snoring in 2 weeks
    • A mixture of baking soda and castor oil is extremely helpful in the case of cancer
    • The consumption of a few drops of castor oil on a daily basis can help you reduce the addiction to alcohol and nicotine

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