Wednesday 11 June 2014

Nr 147 Another pop-up :-)

easy ?
(not so easy to do actually with scalpel)   
 but nice to Watch

Tuesday 10 June 2014

Nr 146 Birthday cake :-)

Berry jelly  on top...

Whipped Cream dekorations (without sugar but with little vanilla)

berry jelly
yoghurt/whipped cream jelly
two-layer cake base with chocolate
between bottoms cloudberry concentrat
everything is homemade
Start with berry jelly:
Berries and gelatine 
                                                     in the bowl, lined with plastic film,
                                                               with the shape you desire
                                                                        in the fridge
                                                  when it has set, pour the yogurt / cream jelly on
                                                                 back into the refrigerator
                                                                       when it has set
                                                                        cake base on
                                                              cloudberry concentrate on
                                                                other layer cake base on
                                                                     let stand overnight
                                                                       hold in plastic wrap!   
                                                                       turn upside down
                                                                         on cake plate