Thursday 11 February 2016

Nr 287 What Happens When You Put a Onion on Your Feet And Wrapped Them in a Transparent Foil

If you want to cleanse the body, improve blood circulation, cure colds or flu, we suggest you to do this by using the lining of the onion. These coatings have been used by our ancestors when it was not drugs.

You’re probably familiar with the saying that all the “coming” of the leg. This popular recipe will allow you to quickly healed. For this treatment you need an onion , transparent foil and warm socks.
Clean your body and improve blood circulation in a natural way, not using drugs.
First you need to cut the onions into thin slices and wait for a few minutes to appear juice. Then put the onions on foot, wrap them in a transparent foil and cover with thick socks.
You can also use wool socks to the foot better warmed. The foil will help to arch stands firmly tight foot and odor will be.
If you are sensitive to onions, then brush the skin of the feet greasy cream or almond oil.
This coating is placed before bed, and left there overnight. Key ingredients of onion penetrate through the skin into the bloodstream and thus cleansing the blood. The coating is antibacterial and improves blood circulation, and thus eject impurities from the body.
In the morning when you get up, remove the onions, wash your feet with cold water, then cover with woolen socks to the foot heated. Blood will begin to circulate quickly. This treatment is especially useful for those who have diabetes, and poor circulation.
This method is recommended for those who have health problems, but is also useful for perfectly healthy people. Apply this method when you have the flu, pneumonia, throat, or fever.
Next day you will feel a significant improvement. When it comes to colds and flu, use the method without hesitation as soon as you notice symptoms. If you use a liner for preventative cleaning of the body and blood, then apply from time to time.