Wednesday 23 December 2015



For an added bonus and extra support against inflammation, add a quality blend of Omega 3 Fatty Acids to any recipe.


Beta Carotene is a great anti-inflammatory and watermelon is full of it! It just so happens this recipe is packed with watermelons. And the antioxidants you’ll be getting from the blueberries will leave you praying for more.


Basil – 3 sprigs
Blueberries – 1.5 cups
Lime – ½
Cayenne Pepper – 1 dash
Watermelon – 5 cups


Pear, ginger root, and turmeric, oh my! These anti-inflammatory ingredients are paired with vitamin C and Beta Carotene in this no-hangover- guaranteed recipe.


Apple – 2
Celery – 3 stalks
Carrot – 3
Lemon – 2, peeled
Ginger Root – 1 inch knob, peeled
Pear – 2
Turmeric Root – 4 inch, fresh root


Easy to prepare and stuffed with delicious arthritis easing ingredients, this makes for a great newbie recipe.


Apples – 3
Celery – 4 stalks
Ginger – ¼ inch knob, peeled
Lemon – (with rind)
Orange – 1, peeled
Spinach – 5 handfuls


Strawberries are beating out inflammation in this recipe. With their flavonoid, Anthocyanidin, your RA pain will be long forgotten.


Blueberries – 1 cup
Kiwifruit – 2 cups
Peppermint – 30 leaves
Strawberry – 1 cup


This magenta drink will leave you feeling healthy and fearless with ingredients like ginger, carrots, and spinach.


Apples – 2
Red cabbage – 2 ¼ head
Carrots – 4
Ginger Root – ½ inch knob, peeled
Lemon – 1
Spinach – 4 handfuls

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Monday 21 December 2015

Nr 275 Very Small things 12 a ;-)

Nr 274 Delicious Detox Soups

1-Detox Veggie Soup– Full of garlic and kale this soup will flush out toxins and cleanse your liver. Plus its loaded with hearty veggies that replenish all the good nutrients we need.
2-Spicy Detox Soup- A vegan soup that warms you heart and soul. With its broad range of spices like cayenne, red pepper, and bell pepper, this soup speeds up your metabolism and even clears your sinuses.
3-Cinnamon Cleanse Soup- Cinnamon and cumin pair well together to assist you with elevating blood sugar levels and stimulate your digestion. Cinnamon is also touted for its fat burning abilities as well as its skin rejuvenating properties.
4-Turmeric Tomato Soup Detox- High in antioxidants, this soup is great for your skin. It has antiseptic, anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties that give you a healthy glow.
5-Ginger Carrot Soup- A warm creamy soup that assists with digestion and that keeps the cold and flu at bay. Carrots are a great way to take care of your skin and balance your hormones.
6-Lentil, Kale, and Sweet Potato Soup- Lentils and sweet potatoes add fiber to keep your system flowing while kale steps in to flush out the bad vibes. This hearty soup is a very filling dish.
7-Lemon Drop Soup Detox- Lovely lemons boost your immune system with a strong shot of Vitamin C while leeks take out the toxins in your blood stream for a tasty healthy combination. This soup is great for keeping the cold away.
8-Artichoke Soup Cleanse- Artichokes assist with liver function to cleanse the blood. This helpful green also aids the digestive process.
9-Mint & Pea Soup- Mint is good for the gallbladder. By assisting with the flow of bile and breaking down dietary fats, it creates a slippery environment perfect for getting rid of those sneaky little gallstones.
10-Onion Soup Detox- Onions are the ultimate detoxing agent. These tasty little bulbs pull out harsh metal toxins like lead and mercury that can weigh your body down.
11-Seaweed Soup- Commonly known as Miyeokguk, this soup is full of vitamins and minerals. Seaweed also binds to and flushes out radioactive waste and heavy metals.
12-Sparkling Pineapple Soup- Loaded with bromelain, this digestive enzyme powerhouse can cleanse your colon and boost digestive health. It’s also a very unique soup flavor sure to impress whomever you serve.
13-Broccoli & Hemp Seed Soup- Hemp is full of vitamins E & C. Together with broccoli, the fibrous duo keep the system regular.
14-Avacado & Grapefruit Soup- The superfruit full of lycopene is a fighter of free radicals. Avacado and grapefruit ban together to keep your skin glowing and fight weight gain and cholesterol.
15-Zucchini & Fennel Soup- Known for preventing colon cancer, the fennel is a tasty accompaniment in this amazing cleanser. The zucchini is a great fat burner and a delicious detox.
16-Cilantro Lime Soup Detox- Loaded with antioxidants, cilantro also utilizes dodecenal, an antibacterial compound that is effective in killing Salmonella. Limes bring in the Vitamin A & C to round out the tasty treat.
17-Cabbage Soup Cleanse- Cabbage isn’t only good for digestion, it also contains indole-3-carbinol, which assists DNA repair in cells. Cabbage never tasted quite so healthy.
18-Savory Beet Soup- Beets are so much more than their colorful exterior. They fight cancer, lower blood pressure, fight infection and flush the liver.
19-Butternut Squash & Apple Soup- Vitamins, minerals and bile stimulating flavonoids make apples the go to fruit. They are loaded with antioxidants and really do keep the doctor away.
20-Dandelion Soup- From your garden to the kitchen, this earthy soup helps to flush toxins from the blood stream. They are a great way to flush out processed food toxins as well.

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