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Nr 247 These 5 Powerful Home Remedies Help You to Get Rid of JOINT PAIN in a Matter of Days

Joints connect the bones in your body, thus enabling movement. Therefore any strain injury can cause joint pain as well.
Joint pain is in fact a common condition with severity ranging from mild to quite severe. Although joint pain normally occurs with age, there are many young people who are also affected with this condition. There are a number of factors that contribute to joint pain and these include trauma, heavy lifting, fractures, arthritis, etc.
Although there are ways to prevent joint pain, there are also several folk remedies that are extremely efficient in relieving this pain.
This powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory has strong medicinal properties, which can alleviate not just joint, but arthritic pain as well.
  1. Take 1 tsp of finely ground fenugreek seeds.
  2. Swallow it with a glass of lukewarm water.
  3. Take this every morning until you feel the first results.
  4. Optionally, you can soak a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in water and leave them overnight. Drink them the following morning.
    For centuries Chinese medicine has been using carrots for treatment of joint pain. This vegetable is highly beneficial for revitalizing ligaments and easing joint pain.
    1. Grate one carrot in a bowl.
    2. Squeeze some lemon juice in it and mix it
    3. Have it raw or steamed.
    These two ingredients are abundant in anti-inflammatory properties, which are highly beneficial for relieving arthritic and joint pain as well.
    Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant which successfully reduces the levels of enzymes that cause swelling. This spicy tea is prepared in the following way.
      1. Boil 2 cups of water and add to it half a teaspoon of each spice – ground ginger and ground turmeric.
      2. Simmer on low heat for around 10-15 minutes.
      3. Strain the tea and add honey to
      4. Drink it twice a day every day until the pain starts to decline.
    Due to the high magnesium content, Epsom salt has long been used for treating joint pain.
    1. Add half a cup of Epsom salt to a large bowl of warm water.
    2. Mix well.
    3. Soak your sore joints in the liquid.
    4. Optionally, you can take a bath with Epsom salt too, or you can soak the painful joints in a tub of warm water to which you have previously added 2 cups of Epsom salt.
    Onion is just another vegetable with powerful anti-inflammatory properties owing to the sulfur compounds it contains.  One study reveals that onions have morphine-like analgesic effects on joint pain. That’s why it’s important to include lots of onions in your diet.

Nr 246 Grandma´s remedie works

So, you know how there are always crazy old wives' tales that seem too good to be true, and don't seem to make sense logically, yet they still somehow work? Well, this is one of those things. People swear by it. Let me give you the lowdown on the ground-breaking onion and sock situation.
The bottom of your feet are said to be linked to your internal organs. Parts of the feet have a corresponding link to another part of your body. 
Because we are often wearing shoes, those points on the feet are rarely stimulated, which means that the electrical circuits linking feet and body are often dormant. 
You can open up these pathways and help to purify your internal organs by doing one simple thing while you sleep. 
Onion and garlic are known to be powerful in fighting germs and bacteria when applied topically. One way to purify your organs while you sleep is to put a slice of onion in your sock while you sleep. 
Here is how to do it:

Step 1: Cut an onion into a slice.

You're going to want to make sure that it is an organic onion so that you don't have pesticides on your feet the whole night. You'll also want the onion to be a flat slice. 

Step 2: Place the onion in your socks on the flat part of your feet

As you sleep, the healing properties of the onion will be absorbed up into your feet, stimulating all of those points on your feet that are linked with internal organs. 

The Benefits...

The benefits that are supposed to come with doing this are as follows:
1. Your blood will be purified. Phosphoric acid from the onions will be absorbed and will purify your blood.
2. Bacteria and germs will be killed.
3. Make your feet smell better (believe it or not) by pulling out the toxins and chemicals and purifying the air around. 
Who knew that something so simple could be so beneficial for your health? It's a cheap and easy way to help your body. 

Nr 245 Books to help you to healthier life (more book on Nr 198)

Nr 244 Vitamin C

Suzanne Humphries is a specialist in internal medicine and kidney disease from the US, The lecture is about the role of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) for a variety of functions in the body and that there is research in health care often forgotten, denied and doubted. The Vitamin C is important for children and during pregnancy, in diseases of the cardiovascular, skeletal and skin and in cancer. 
But should you take extra vitamin C? How much and in what quantity and shape? Are there dangers and problems with this? Can you get kidney stones from vitamin C? We all need vitamin C and it is most famous for its importance in the immune system. It is important as part of the prevention and treatment of a variety of diseases. A common perception is that a rich foods contain enough vitamin C, but is it really? How much do we need? In what form should it be used? Is it good to take in higher doses in different diseases? Can it be combined with conventional medicine? It may be important to you and your health? Dr. Humphries has a historical perspective on vitamin C and its importance in various diseases, but also describes its role in health in general.
Sorry, copy-paste works

in ca 50 min about vaccines
in about 1:04:15  about Colloidal Silver

Friday 20 November 2015

Nr 243 The effects of negative emotions and how people get rid of it

1. They create happiness from within.

Happy people don’t base their happiness on external stimulations. They realize once the stimulant is gone, their mood would be ruined. Instead, they look for internal sources of positive energy and practice mindfulness.

2. They practice positive thinking.

Thoughts influence your actions, so, if you think negatively, there’s no bright future ahead of you. Positive people don’t believe in the excuses their minds come up with. Through positive affirmations and finding the good side of any problem, they make sure they are mentally set up for success.

3. They look for reasons to believe in themselves.

There are endless reasons to believe in yourshelf  even if you feel completely helpless and worthless. These negative thoughts are temporary obstacles and most of the time, they are made-up.

4. They cut off negative people.

Your surroundings have a tremendous impact on yourself. If you spend time with positive people, you are more likely to be happy and content. On the other hand, if you are too close to naysayers and complainers, you will have a hard time removing the negativity from your life.

5. They train regularly.

Physical training is associated with releasing endorphins which are responsible for “feeling good.” Treating your body the right way pays off and results in reduced stress and boosted happiness. On the other hand, if you ignore your body’s needs, it will let you experience the negative consequences soon enough.

6. They spend time in the nature.

Being in the nature clears your mind and relaxes your body. Positive people dedicate a part of their day to get outside and admire the beauty of our planet. It’s a great way to load your batteries!

7. They avoid impulsive spending.

Nowadays, extra deals and sales fight for your attention, so it’s easy to end up lost in the buying mode. Whereas excessive buying may make you feel better instantly, from a long-term perspective, it’s an unhealthy habit positive people avoid at all costs. They would rather invest in experiences to discover the world and create some great memories.

8. They accept failure.

Positive people embrace failure as they realize it’s the only way to learn and grow. Whenever they collapse, they work hard to get at the top again instead of giving up. Even though a failure brings negative emotions, they comprehend these are brief and will fade away quickly. To accelerate the process, they keep thinking positively.

9. They take full responsibility.

Positive people always give themselves the responsibility for what happens in their lives. Whether it’s a success or failure, it’s always an effect of their actions and thoughts. A positive person will never blame external factors and focus on things within the reach that could be improved.
By doing that, they pursue being better and experience constant progress instead of getting frustrated by things out of their control.

10. They learn to control their thoughts.

A mind can be easily brought out of control by sudden negative thoughts. Positive individuals know if they don’t control their thoughts, they will lose control over their actions and behaviors. For this reason, they practice mind control, for example through meditation.

11. They devote some time to relax.

Instead of trying to be perfect, positive people realize sometimes you need to slow down, make your goals and ambitions secondary and simply loosen up. By doing this, they avoid burning out which would cause unnecessary negative energy.
In a nutshell, they take a step back to move further the next day.

12. They believe there’s always a solution.

Sometimes, life hits you hopelessly hard. At these moments, you tend to doubt your abilities to solve the current problem. The fact is, there’s always a way to overcome an obstacle and positive people keep that in mind. Even if they reach rock bottom, they believe it happens so they can get to the top even stronger.

13. They know when to say no.

The value of saying ‘no’ and ‘yes’ at the right moment is priceless. Opposed to misconceptions, these two words have an immense power and how you use them dictates what happens in your life.

14. They don’t look for anyone’s approval.

If you let others’ opinions paralyze you, you will have a hard time feeling good and happy. Many people are afraid of not getting validation and being criticized. Positive individuals think and act quite the opposite.


Many people who are reading this may have a high acidity level in his or her body. This is due to the typical first world diet of processed foods, refined sugars, and GMOs. However, many people do not know that an acidic body is a breeding ground for cancer.

How long have we known this? Since 1931. That’s right. 84 years.

In 1931 Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize for showing that cancer thrives in anaerobic (without oxygen), or acidic, conditions. In other words, the main cause for cancer is acidity of the human body.
Also, the presence of high acidity is also a sign that there may be cancer in the body. Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel prize for his discovery that cancer is caused by weakened cell respiration due to lack of oxygen at the cellular level. According to Warburg, damaged cell respiration causes fermentation, resulting in low pH (acidity) at the cellular level

What are we supposed to do?


  • ⅓ Teaspoons Baking Soda
  • 2 Tablespoons Fresh Lemon Juice or Organic Apple Cider Vinegar


  1. Mix everything together. The mixture will start to fizz.
  2. Wait until the fizzing stops and add 8 ounces of water.
  3. Drink the mixture in one sitting.

It is important to maintain pH balance in our bodies. One can do this by changing their diet and eating foods that promote alkalinity is key. Some foods that promote a balance pH include celery, broccoli, peppers, kale, and avocados.

Nr 241 What to eat?

Thursday 19 November 2015

Nr 240 Golden Milk

This Ayurvedic recipe uses two wonderful spices – turmeric and black pepper – and combines them into a healthy and delicious drink that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Turmeric originates from India, where it’s been used for centuries in cooking, health care and as a beauty product (check turmeric face mask). Its active ingredient is called curcumin.

When curcumin is combined with black pepper, its bioavailability significantly increases.

The health benefits of golden milk

You can drink ‘golden milk’ every day and take advantage of the many health benefits attributed to the tasty beverage:
  • It’s an antiseptic and an analgesic, so it helps with pain relief 
  • It detoxes the liver and helps to purify the blood 
  • It’s great for joint problems such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • It works well for different skin problems.
  • It offers a general immunity boost and provides you with a good dose of antioxidants.
The following recipe is divided into two parts. First, we’ll look at how to make the turmeric paste. Then, we’ll use the paste to make the health-promoting golden milk.

Turmeric paste

  • ½ cup of clean water
  • ¼ cup of turmeric powder
  • ½ teaspoon of ground pepper
Put the pan with water in it on a medium heat setting. Add turmeric and pepper and stir well, so you create a smooth paste. It takes about 7 to 9 minutes to get the paste properly cooked. If it becomes too dry, you can add some more water.
Turmeric has a very strong pigment, so protect your clothes in case it bubbles out.
Allow the mixture to cool down and then place it in a (preferably) glass container with an airtight lid. The paste will keep in the fridge for 2 to 3 weeks. After that, it develops a metallic taste, so you should avoid consuming it.
Some people take this paste directly, without making it into a concoction. It’s good for pain relief. For severe pain, it’s recommended to take half to 1 teaspoon of turmeric paste a day. The pain should subside after 3 to 4 days (also try this anti-inflammatory and pain relief ginger turmeric tea).

Golden milk recipe

  • ¼ teaspoon (or more if you can tolerate the taste) of turmeric paste
  • 1 cup almond milk (you can also use organic cow’s milk or other milk substitutes such as hemp milk, coconut milk, rice milk or oat milk)
  • 1 teaspoon of coconut oil (you can also use sesame oil or sweet almond oil) – get unrefined, cold pressed oil
  • Some honey 
Put milk and turmeric paste in a pot and cook on medium heat. Stir constantly and bring to a boil. Remove from heat. When the drink cools down, add honey and oil(s). The oil supplies you with healthy fats and further increases turmeric absorption. It helps with joint lubrication and promotes cellular function.
The drink has a nice golden color, hence its name.
A very small number of people have reported allergy to turmeric. If you’ve never eaten turmeric, start with a small dose and observe the body’s reaction.

Wednesday 18 November 2015


Our bodies are not made imperfectly. Environmental toxins exposed to us in utero & throughout our lives can alter our genes, leading to physical disorders. Sugar, refined carbs & food like products, pesticides, heavy metals, parasites, viruses, bacteria, stress, spiritual shallowness, hormone disrupters, and masking your own personal truth all lead to genetic derangements. Mind, body and spirit are one. True medicine addresses all three areas.
So why is everyone sick? Have you noticed that younger and younger generations are falling ill with chronic conditions, cancer and autoimmune conditions? Our immune systems are tricky. They are brilliantly made to expel toxins with fevers, diarrhea and vomiting, but what happens if a rather silent toxin is continually exposed to the system? This often manifests as an autoimmune condition. What are autoimmune conditions? They are disorders in which immunity has gone awry, causing the body to turn on itself. Whatever “toxin” remains in the body continues to alert the immune system. It’s as if it’s stuck in the “on” position. Diet causes many autoimmune conditions. Sugar, wheat, pesticides, gluten, heavy metals and genetically modified organisms causes distention and eventual pH changes. When the pH is higher than 3 (caused by long term acid blockers like Pepcid, Nexium, Prilosec or diet), pepsin is not released. Pepsin is REQUIRED for protein breakdown. These excess proteins leak through the permeable gut wall where it alerts the immune system and are detected as a foreign intruder. The body than revs up immunity and inflammation ensues. Inflammation is the body’s natural defense when it’s short lived, but leads to chronic life long disease once chronic. Here are some examples of autoimmune conditions:

    MS, autism, Guillain-Barré syndrome (caused by flu shot or a virus)
  • Connector.


    Rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, polymyalgia rheumatica
  • Connector.


    Fibromyalgia, Muscular Dystrophy

    • SKIN

      Eczema, psoriasis, scleroderma, vitiligo
    • Connector.


      Wegener's granulomatosis, asthma
    • Connector.


      Diabetic & peripheral neuropathy
    • Connector.


      Celiacs, IBS, Crohns, ulcerative colitis, diabetes
    • Connector.


      Leukemia, lupus, hemolytic conditions

      Hashimoto's thyroiditis, Graves' disease. Allopathic medicine tells us the answer to these disorders is immuno suppression, or depressing our natural immunity rather than finding the cause.

      One example of this is Humira or Prednisone. Doesn’t this sound counter-intuitive? Why would we hinder our body’s natural response to a foreign intruder, rather than trying to pinpoint that said intruder? Why put a band-aid that causes other side effects on the issue rather than remove the issue?
      1. DIET:
      Eliminate all wheat, gluten, soy, dairy, processed & fried foods. No GMO and all organic. Keep a food elimination journal. Notice nausea, fatigue, bloating or itching after ingesting each food. Many of these foods are not inflammatory in their unprocessed, natural states but thanks to refining, pasteurizing and genetic modification, they are now disease causing. Avoid SUGAR, aspartame, MSG, trans fats, hydrogenated oils like canola or vegetable oil. Do not indulge in excessive caffeine and alcohol.
      Incorporate healthy fats like coconut, avocado, omega-3’s, olive oil or nuts and seeds. Buy a Berkey filter or reverse osmosis filter to remove birth control, toxins, metals and fluoride from your tap water. Alkaline diet with low sodium and high potassium foods. Add a probiotic. I’ve cured so many with Prescript Assist probiotic.
      You should be having 2-3 bowel movements a day. Constipation is disease. Drink plenty of distilled or fluoride free water, plant based organic diet, aloe Vera water, coconut kefir, ginger, garlic, fennel, bentonite clay or activated charcoal to bind & remove toxins, magnesium and vitamin C. Indian gooseberry or triphala is a great colon cleanse. Coffee enemas are irreplaceable and double as a colon and liver cleanse.
      3. PARASITES:
       Important ingredients include wormwood, black walnut hull, cloves. Cinnamon, garlic, coconut oil, psyllium husks, bentonite clay and coffee enemas are invaluable. Be sure to get organic coffee, distilled water, complete sterility, and lie on your right side, holding for 10-20 minutes.
      Organic cranberry juice, apple cider vinegar, lukewarm lemon water, magnesium and Epsom salt baths. Helpful herbs include horsetail, Flor essence tea along with Uva Ursi capsules, Ginger, Goldenrod tincture, Vitamin B-6, Black Cherry Concentrate, and Vegetable Glycerin all help flush the kidneys. Stay away from pesticides-they have been proven to cause kidney failure.
      5. HEAVY METALS:
      Excellent natural chelators include chlorella, cilantro, high sulfur foods like cabbage, onions, garlic and brussel sprouts. You can also get professional IV chelation. Avoid unnecessary vaccines which contain heavy metals. Zeolite clay and activated charcoal are great chelators.
      Be sure to see a biologic dentist who specializes in removing Mercury amalgams safely. Mercury is not safe, is a neurotoxin and can lead to autoimmune conditions, mood disorders and mental degradation. Why do you think the mad hatter was mad? He cured felt hats with mercury!
      Milk thistle, burdock root, dandelion root, beets, Jerusalem artichokes, garlic, turmeric or curcumin, fermented foods, and castor oil packs on abdomen to pull out toxins. Teas like tulsi and dandelion also support a healthy liver. Be sure you’re taking ornithine with your liver cleanse. Lugol’s iodine is also supportive of metabolism and liver detox.
      Olive oil cleanse for liver: For a week drink carrot juice and eat tart green apples to your soften gallstones so that they don’t become dislodged during the detox process. Then take a shot of olive oil with lemon juice and do a castor oil pack at night. I have SAVED patients from having their gallbladder removed this way!
      7. SKIN:
      The skin is your biggest organ! Slathering lotions, makeup, deodorants or fragrances on that contain parabens, BHT or other endocrine disrupters can lead to hormone dysregulation, PCOS, endometriosis, and fibroids. Infrared saunas, sweating, hot yoga, Epsom salt baths, and dry brush to get your lymph system to remove chemicals. Exercise and good sweat is needed daily. Avoid any mainstream or synthetic toiletries and go organic. The cosmetic field is NOT regulated and everything is absorbed. Vitamin D prevents breast and prostate cancer!!
      This is the sewer system of the body but does not have a pump like the heart. Therefore movement, deep breathing, walking, rebounding, yoga and dry brushing are excellent for lymph movement. Lymph massages can remove toxins from the body through soft massage.
      Remember to take care of yourself.
      Eat and live like you love yourself.
      Unplug and unwind.

Nr 238 Small thinhs 11

Tuesday 17 November 2015

Nr 237 Detox Drink to kill fat, diabetes and blood pressure


2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar
2 tbsp of fresh lemon juice
1 tbsp cinnamon
1 tbsp raw honey
1 glass of water


All you need to do is to mix all the ingredients in a blender. 
Drink this every morning before breakfast and make sure
that the beverage is fresh, made in the same morning.
Follow the steps and you´ll be surprised from the results


Sunday 15 November 2015

Nr 235 NO to Vaccines!

Arizona Cardiologist Responds to Critics Regarding Measles and Vaccines 

Why All the Anger?

by Dr. Jack Wolfson
Special to Health Impact News

I want to address all this misguided anger and see if we can re-direct it where it belongs. 

  1. Be angry at food companies. Sugar cereals, donuts, cookies, and cupcakes lead to millions of deaths per year. At its worst, chicken pox killed 100 people per year. If those chicken pox people didn’t eat cereal and donuts, they may still be alive. Call up Nabisco and Kellogg’s and complain. Protest their products. Send THEM hate-mail. 
  2. Be angry at fast food restaurants. Tortured meat burgers, pesticide fries, and hormone milkshakes are the problem. The problem is not Hepatitis B which is a virus contracted by drug users and those who sleep with prostitutes. And you want to inject that vaccine into your newborn? 
  3. Be angry at the companies who make your toxic laundry detergent, fabric softener, and dryer sheets. You and your children are wearing and breathing known carcinogens (they cause cancer). Call Bounce and Downy and let them know. These products kill more people than mumps, a virus which actually doesn’t cause anyone to die. Same with hepatitis A, a watery diarrhea. 
  4. Be angry at all the companies spewing pollution into our environment. These chemicals and heavy metals are known to cause autism, heart disease, cancer, autoimmune disease and every other health problem. Worldwide, these lead to 10’s of millions of deaths every year. Measles deaths are a tiny fraction compared to pollution. 
  5. Be angry at your parents for not breastfeeding you, co-sleeping with you, and stuffing your face with Domino’s so they can buy more Tide and finish the laundry. Breastfeeding protects your children from many infectious diseases. 
  6. Be angry with your doctor for being close-minded and not disclosing the ingredients in vaccines (not that they read the package insert anyway). They should tell you about the aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, aborted fetal tissue, animal proteins, polysorbate 80, antibiotics, and other chemicals in the shots. According to the Environmental Working Group, newborns contain over 200 chemicals as detected by cord blood. Maybe your doctor feels a few more chemicals injected into your child won’t be a big deal. 
  7. Be angry with the cable companies and TV manufacturers for making you and your children fat and lazy, not wanting to exercise or play outside. Lack of exercise kills millions more than polio. Where are all those 80 year olds crippled by polio? I can’t seem to find many. 
  8. In fact, be angry with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates for creating computers so you can sit around all day blasted with electromagnetic radiation reading posts like this. 
  9. Be angry with pharmaceutical companies for allowing us to believe living the above life can be treated with drugs. Correctly prescribed drugs kill thousands of people per year. The flu kills just about no one. The vaccine never works. 

Finally, be angry with yourself for not opening your eyes to the snow job and brainwashing which have taken over your mind. You NEVER asked the doctor any questions. You NEVER asked what is in the vaccines. You NEVER learned about these benign infections.
Let’s face it, you don’t really give a crap what your children eat. You don’t care about chemicals in their life. You don’t care if they sit around all day watching the TV or playing video games.
All you care about is drinking your Starbuck’s, your next plastic surgery, your next cocktail, your next affair, and your next sugar fix!
This post was created with love and with the idea of creating a better world for our children and future generations. Anger increases your risk of suffering a heart attack. Be careful.
About the Author
Dr. Jack Wolfson is a board certified cardiologist in Phoenix. He is known as The Paleo Cardiologist and The Natural Cardiologist. Check out his website and follow him on Facebook at The Drs. Wolfson